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Video: No Age, "Goat Hurt"

Let's say you are No Age. You're pretty successful at this point. You've even been on MTV hanging out with Pete Wentz and Rihanna and are now a nominee for VMA Video of the Year. But basically, you are known for making rad jams and being good dudes. What do you do for your third in a rapid succession of summer video releases? Take an old song from the Dead Plane EP and then ride bikes on camera, obviously. Maybe Jennifer Clavin's clip is a metaphor for the band's ride to success: everybody in the background having fun, throwing beach balls and rollerskating, while the pair breeze on through like nothing in their world has changed! Or the whole thing could just be a way to trick us into posting a video of No Age riding bikes down a street. Either way, nice bikes. And if that's not enough No Age News for you, Dean just released two scuzzily excellent 7"s on PPM by Party Fowl and Gun Outfit. Okay, that is all… Oh, Randy had a burrito for lunch today.

Video: No Age, "Goat Hurt"