Animal Collective Keeps Expanding, Download - The Present "World I See"

New York musician and producer Rusty Santos is revered by a litany of musicians, including the Animal Collective troupe for whom he was responsible for producing their groundbreaking Sung Tongs album as well as Panda Bear's Person Pitch. Now he's taken the leap to the other side of the board to release an album for himself - with some help from his friends of course.

"When I listen to the sounds and the songs the name and the webs of connections and opposites remain. I can hear light and dark high and low happy and sad synthetic and organic and on and on like that forever and that's a compliment to the production and the technique I would say. Most of all I like how I feel when I listen to the music." -Panda Bear

"This record is pure instinct with no attention paid to belonging. It is raw intellect and emotion. The Present is indeed both GIFT and NOW. Open you ears and your mind will follow. God Bless this record for teaching me that." -Brian Degraw, Gang Gang Dance

And if the words of semi-famous psychedelic rockers isn't enough incentive for you to check out his song below, maybe a press release that uses the word "whilst" not once - but twice - will make you realize its importance.

Described by one band who worked with him as a hyper boy genius, Rusty has always fixed his attention on producing music that is experimentally rich whilst remaining accessible. By attempting to create music that arises unconsciously through improvisation, The Present's debut album, World I See, set for release in the US on LOAF Recordings (The Chap, Johan Agebjorn/Sally Shapiro, Black Devil Disco Club) hauls this ethos over its shoulders as it tramples on musical boundaries and preconceptions, whilst leaving an album that is still capable of relating musically and emotionally to a wide audience.

MP3 Download - "World I See"

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Animal Collective Keeps Expanding, Download - The Present "World I See"