Download - Talbot Tagora "Connection" (Elastica Cover)

So my friend Jeremy tipped me off to this band Talbot Tagora who sits atop (literally #1) Abe Vigoda's MySpace friends. And since most of their other top "friends" are bands The Tripwire is fans of, we decided to delve deeper.

Turns out this Seattle band has been at it for quite some time with a laundry list of "fake" shows and releases dating back to 2006 (mostly self-released) and an upcoming full length this year on a label called Thome Records (who, when Google searched, results in a list of Chicago White Sox Jim Thome's accomplishments). There is an obvious connection to bands like Abe Vigoda and other West Coast counterparts ala No Age, but there is a bit more melody in their muffled and distorted vocals. As Jeremy mentioned, it kind of harkens back to *gasp* alternative. (Insert segue here).

Appropriately enough, they actually cover one of my all-time favorite bands from the hey-day of alternative and Brit pop, Elastica (also providing me with some possible incentive for a Friday video flashback). So while this might not be the appropriate song to highlight for Talbot Tagora, consider it musical masturbatory fodder for yours truly.

MP3 Download - "Connection"


Download - Talbot Tagora "Connection" (Elastica Cover)