Video - Birdmonster "The Iditarod"

California indie darlings Birdmonster have just released a new video for the single "The Iditarod" from their to-be-released-next-Tuesday Fader Label debut From The Mountain To The Sea. What makes this exciting news for those who may not already be Birdmonster fans is the way it was produced.
Using a technique called SLAM (Slide, Animation, Movies) - coined by its developer Greg Crane - the process is not too different from your standard stop-motion animation. But according to the Fader folks, SLAM takes the aesthetics to a new arty level. 95% of the video was created using digital still photos from a professional/high-end camera with approximately 1200 shots painstakingly and meticulously pasted together to establish the "motion."

Please enjoy the fruits of their painstaking labor.

"The Iditarod"

Fader Label

Video - Birdmonster "The Iditarod"