Flashback Friday Video(s) - Faith No More "Easy" & Elastica "Stutter"

On what many consider the "last" Friday of Summer, we decided to give you two videos to take you through your hard-earned labor day weekend. This edition of Flashback Friday Video features two of my first musical crushes - of both the female and male (strictly platonic of course) variety.

First up is the man - Mike Patton - and band - Faith No More - that changed mine - along with many others - musical lives. And while "Epic" would've been the easy choice, we decided to go with their cult classic cover of The Commodores "Easy". Featuring the guys hanging out with Roddy Bottom's groupies intertwined with random live clips, it's representative of the band during their phenomenal peak.


Secondly, as regular readers of The Tripwire were expecting, possibly my biggest musical crush of all time. A Justine Frischmann-led Elastica emerged onto the Brit-pop scene in 1993 with the single "Stutter", which actually had two videos created for it - the original and an updated version after the band blew up. Many believe that this song is about relationship troubles with boyfriend-at-the-time Damon Albern of Blur, but actually the two didn't break up until 1998 and still remain friends to this day (in fact, many of the songs on Blur's 13 are about Frischmann).

Interesting fact of the day, Frischmann lived with M.I.A. and co-wrote the music on her 2003 single, "Galang". Feel free to use that when trying to one-up your friends in musical trivia.

"Stutter" (Original)


Faith No More

Flashback Friday Video(s) - Faith No More "Easy" & Elastica "Stutter"