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Freeload: Electrik Red, "Drank In My Cup" (Produced by The Dream)


Way back in the summer of 2006, we ran a Gen F profile on a new ATL R&B trio called Bella. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can still read it for free. At the time, the girls had it all: a major label recording contract, a fun mixtape with Don Cannon, and best of all, a sound that melded standard issue urban pop with just enough ethereal hoodness to keep things interesting (ask DJ Google to spin "Never Be Me" and see if you don't believe us), yet even with that buildup, Bella would get dropped before they could even release their first album. This new single from Def Jam signees Electrik Red sounds a helluva lot like those Bella tracks, which makes it a sureshot in your Crunk-N-B iTunes playlist (next to Sophia Fresh, of course!) but probably dooms the girls to an eerily similar career trajectory, despite The Dream's best efforts to sprinkle extra awesome on the whole thing. Maybe the Cheetah Girls are hiring?

Download: Electrik Red, "Drank In My Cup" (Produced by The Dream)

Posted: August 29, 2008
Freeload: Electrik Red, "Drank In My Cup" (Produced by The Dream)