Unreleased Bowie Track Leaked To Public

The Fame Bureau is hosting the "It's More Than Rock Rock 'n' Roll" music memorabilia auction this Thursday, September 4th at The Idea Generation Gallery in London. Some of the many artifacts to wet your auctioning appetite include the very first signed contract between the Beatles and Brian Epstein, the first guitar Jimi Hendrix ever burned on stage, Elvis' Harley Davidson golf cart, John Lennon's lyrics for "Sexy Sadie" hand carved into a section of Indian tree trunk, Jim Morrison's last personal notebook and photos, and of course, unreleased music.

Of the music available, the most intriguing seems to be a collection of '60s Joe Meek master tapes that will be up for grabs. Among the over 5000 recordings to be auctioned (worth an estimated £300,000) is a Tom Jones track that hasn't heard the light of day since 1962 and arguably a never-before-heard track of David Bowie's first band - The Konrads. In case your wallet is a little light of £300,000, Last.fm has posted exclusive clips of both tracks on their site. And if you have the urge to splurge, you can see all of the items available and place a bid on Live Auctioneers.

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Unreleased Bowie Track Leaked To Public