Flashback Friday Video - Huey Lewis And The News "I Want A New Drug"

In honor of the news that there may be a new "Ghostbusters" movie, we chose to give you some Huey Lewis And The News. What does Huey and Co. have to do with Ghostbusters you may ask?

Well, if you listen closely to "I Want A New Drug" and the original "Ghostbusters" theme by Ray Parker, Jr. you will hear they actually have a lot to do with each other. So much so that in 1984 and throughout 1985, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr. for plagiarism, citing that Parker stole the melody from his 1983 hit. The two parties settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with the understanding that neither parties would discuss the case outside of a press-release that was pre-approved by both parties. In an odd twist of fate, Parker in turn sued Lewis for allegedly breaching the agreement when he mentioned the fact he was paid a settlement sum from the original suit on VH1's "Behind the Music". Ironically, Lewis was approached to compose the main theme song for the movie, but he declined due to his work on the soundtrack for "Back to the Future".

While we would rather only give you the News' "I Want A New Drug" as the Friday Flashback, we feel compelled to offer you both so you can come to your own conclusion.

"I Want A New Drug"

The Original "Ghostbusters" Theme Song

Huey Lewis And The News
Ray Parker Jr.

Flashback Friday Video - Huey Lewis And The News "I Want A New Drug"