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Grateful Dead Probably Play Rally For Obama

The FADER rumor mill stays cranking away, so when news comes across our desks that the as-close-to-original-as-possible lineup of the Grateful Dead are reuniting to play a rally for Obama on October 11th in State College, PA, we're already packing our bags (one drug rug, two hacky sacks, three frisbees) and getting ready to follow the band on their massive one-date tour. Actually, this is really awesome because in our minds like 30 million people are Deadheads, and if all 30 million of those people vote—not saying who they'd vote for—then we are pretty much guaranteed a decent next four years. Otherwise, this is not a bad way to show your support for the Dead and/or democracy, so we recommend making the trip. (Via Cold Splinters)

Grateful Dead Probably Play Rally For Obama