The FADER Issue 26
Dec 2004


For the past year we’ve been amped up for this: The FADER’s first film issue. But when it came time to really sit down and figure out just what, exactly, we would put in it…well, we went round and round. After all, you know us as we know us-as a music magazine-so we had no real business doing a film issue in the first place.

Of course, that meant running full steam ahead on a slate of stories that come pow ping at your cinematic consciousness in all sorts of unpredictable ways. In LA we caught rap legend Snoop rehearsing his lines for an unexpected dip into the indie film game, while back in NY we chased after Judy Marte of Raising Victor Vargas to find out what’s keeping her from taking over-and Malcolm Beckford’s photography suggests why she should. We’ve also lined up David O Russell, Sylvain Chomet and Hype Williams, interviews with video directors on the edge, the incredibly true story of the cult classic The Warriors and an absurdly massive feature on the incalculable insanity of Nigeria’s video industry (it’s long, but it’s a must—read). Oh yeah: and a piece on once and forever punk rocker Ted Leo that really pops.

Yo, what else did you expect—you’re rolling with The FADER. Music-wise, as you read this trust that we’re getting twisted off all manner of music to make your mind lean back in 2005. As for the next film issue, we can’t quite promise when that’ll be. Indiana Jones And The Lost Continent isn’t slated for release until 2006.


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