The FADER Issue 32
Sep 2005


Old friends, new friends: If you’re like us, then you’ve been tearing up this summer with a stack of chicken tacos, a cask of bootleg gin from the Eastern Brotown Distillery, and a Sony Sport Walkman full of jams that we’ve been pushing on you for the last coupla months. And now that the celestial seasonings are forcing all of us to make good on our promises to stop wearing mesh around the office (NB: it was a mesh cover up more than a piece of, like, clothing), we’re gifting all of the reading public with an extra extra Style Extra. Basically that means you can look forward to reams of FADER glossy dedicated to the looks you didn’t know you’d be sporting this fall: from slimline tweeds to leather Destructicon hats to, y’know, casual four-armed sweatshirts. (For relaxing!)

Don’t be scared though, we’ve also packed the issue with a mothership of musical style icons for you to use as reference points. Beyond the psychedelic swizzlehead accessories, you always knew Big Boi was on some other shit-Will Welch and Nick Barat trucked down to ATL to get the word on his new label, Purple Ribbon and the new-old-new princes of southernfunkalisticchevroletmusic, Killer Mike and Bubba Sparxxx. While they’re holding court down south, Lady Sov is the latest export from blighty En to shake & break on the international internet. Eric Ducker tracked down Sov in NYC and got the essential information on the teenypopper who fucks with LA Gear, loves McDs and hates avocados. Beef up, look smart, don’t sleep: FADER 33′s just a couple of weeks away and we’re not even lying to you like we usually do. Go Team!


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Table Of Contents




El Feco
Yummy Bingham
Rich Boy
Matt Sweeney
Matt Costa
Nancy Whang


VINYL ARCHEOLOGY: Pass The Deutsch-y


Purple Ribbon

Big Boi
General Patton's Prayer

Killer Mike
Pain & Champagne

Bubba Sparxxx

Lady Sovereign
A Common Phenomenon

Girls Of Grime
Not Just Hype

Eye From The Boredoms
Galaxy Attack

Kristín Valtysdóttir
A Life Less Ordinary

Pimpin All Over The World