The FADER Issue 33
Oct/Nov 2005


If you had the same fragile, vaguely tortured adolescence as us, then you know the story about the murderer with the hook and the babysitter with the serial killer upstairs and how Funk Flex was responsible for bringing Master P to the Tunnel. Or well, maybe you don’t know so much about the latter but it’s that kind of urban legend that is the focus of this spanky new issue of The FADER magazine: secret, pivotal moments in the lab or at school or at Chad Hugo’s parents’ house that birthed movements, careers, and songs-the continental shifts that created the hip-hop landscape of today. In putting the story together, our intrepid FADER staff (plus a few willing volunteers) bravely put down the donut holes and took to the phones with manic, telethon-like fervor-ringing artists, producers, engineers, the Wu Tang Clan, photographers, lawyers, hangers-on and dudes who knew dudes who knew dudes who had a funny story. What resulted is a massive megapage feature of firsthand accounts from insiders and outsiders alike-coupled with historic, never-before-seen archival photography from back in the day. We’re real proud of it and hope you like it-or at least find a coupla things to geek out on and pretend you already knew about. (Shhh we won’t tell your friends!)

Being ones to always bite off more than we can chew, we’ve also jam-packed the ish with a gangload of legends in the making: our cover star, Maceo, first pricked our ears with “Nextel Chirp” and from there it was love at first bit-stream (internetters: can you hear us?). We sent resident Kowabungatronix DJ Diplo (pen name: Wesley Pentz) down South so he could check what all our fuss was about. And look, after getting wind of the latest earthswelling goodvibery of Animal Collective, they cemented their place as legends in our book-so we did what any responsible editors would/should do and sent them down a log flume ride with journo Charles Homans and threw them on the back cover. They seemed wet, but into it.

Don’t get too distracted with all this legend stuff, though: Eric Ducker has a profile on anti-Beach Boys band Dios (Malos) and our boy Chris Isenberg went training (and praying) with Orthodox boxer Dimitriy Salita to uncover new talent in its rawest, rarest form. Awww, but don’t be off put-that’s just how we like our talent over here in FADERland.


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Table Of Contents




Killa Kyleon
Endless Boogie
Jim James
Baby Jaymes
The Nice Boys
Brendan Benson




The New Loophole

Animal Collective
The Lost Boys

Untold Hip-Hop Moments
The Art Of Storytelling

Dios (Malos)
Nobody Knows

Dimitriy Salita
The Star Of David