The FADER Issue 36
Mar 2006


Being the devilishly chic staff that we are, The FADER‘s Style blowout is always a springboard for much fashion-forward rumination-whether this year will see the triumph of Jay’s blue over Cam’s purple, if the ratio of Ryan Adams’s Number Of Style Overhauls: Number Of Albums will match that of 2005, and if beardos can survive temperatures above 50 degrees (Fahrenheit). Of course we have all year to see how those topline concerns play out, which is why we’re taking this issue to bring you some immediately crucial looks for Spring ’06-namely, Andrew Dosunmu’s hefty, dreamy California-in-the-’70s fashion feature plus tidbits galore in our mega-extended style section. Never ones to underestimate the power of the fashion business, we also sent FADER fave photographer Liz Johnson Artur and writer Sarah Bentley out to the banlieue of Clichy Sous Bois to see how emerging streetwear labels are bringing courage (and momentum) to one of Paris’s most troubled districts.

Piggybacking on all that, you know we had to find some haut tunes to complement all the hot couture we have sashaying between the covers. Destroyer’s Daniel Bejar may think of himself as “a schlumpy guy” but his music has all the whirling dazzle of a prom dress on prom night-and he pulls it all off on the new album, Destroyer’s Rubies. Having made his name alongside some of JA’s finest, Baby Cham has been on our radar for a minute, but after his “Ghetto Story” dropped-over the slow winding 85 Riddim, no less-we were ready to ride for him. Eddie ‘Stats’ Houghton tracked down Kingston’s prince and got the full report.

This issue also sees some hard-hitting field reporting from the European leg of the Superwolf tour: how Will Welch and Joshua Wildman lived to tell the tale of Bonnie “Prince” Billy and his court of admirers. Chris Ryan dropped down to VA Beach to spend some quality time with Clipse and help Chad Hugo find his lost keys, while Nick Barat drank a boatload of free Sparks to get the nitty-gritty on Spankrock’s twisted-out club jamz. There’s more where all this came from (Oh, [snicker snicker] isn’t there always?) but we’re gonna leave it at that for now. After all, April’s only a few weeks away and we gotta keep you guessing—blahzay is so passe.


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Table Of Contents




South Rakkas Crew
Polmo Polpo
Patato Valdes
Ryan Leslie
Nico Muhly
David Broughton


VINYL ARCHEOLOGY: First Wave Freestyle


Battle Hymns For The Republic

Baby Cham
Yard Science

Will Oldham
Superwolf's Last Stand

Mari Nakamura

South Of Heaven

Spank Rock
King Of Clubs