The FADER Issue 37
Apr 2006


Whoa. So no sooner had we wrapped the mind-melting Spring Style special (#36 in your collection) than we turned around and it was time to huddle up and get cranking on issue #37-the one month later issue. No worries though, because you know all of us here in FADERland have a) infinite amounts of time on our hands and b) story ideas coming out of our ears. Yes, we know that’s a lot of physical metaphor for just one magazine staff but seriously folks, we couldn’t be more excited to have Ghostface Killah and Love Is All gracing the covers of the little magazine we call home. Ghost has been in the game for a trillion light years now but somehow manages to keep making the fire-and coming up with lyrics that involve jellyfish sharks with aqua blue pocketbooks and mermaids wearing Gucci belts. We couldn’t resist-and so we locked Eric Ducker in Ghost’s SUV to plumb the mind of a Killah. Meanwhile, Sweden’s Love Is All got us twisted-up and geeked-out when we heard the first couple notes from their ridiculous (in a really good way) LP, Nine Times That Same Song. It would have been fine by us if it actually was the same song nine times over—because it really was that good—but (bonus) it was actually ten wildly different and wildly awesome tracks that spun us into the stratosphere. We think these kids are gonna be big, and not just in that weirdly imagined FADER way.

That’s not all the honey the little FADER bees have been making, though: this issue brings back the now-annual Artists At Work feature, wherein we extract some of the most interesting, dynamic artists out there from the lab, their homes and/or the greenroom to find out what, precisely, happens in their creative processes. And that means no bandmates, roadies or gofers: just them. You’ll see that we roped in Mira Bilotte from White Magic, Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio, Eightball (no MGJ), Mike Skinner from The Streets and Akon from, well, the Many Provinces of Akon (you’ll get it when you read the story). What with all the in-depth reportage on the hows and whys of the musical mind, there’s a lot of mental gymnastics in this issue, friends, but if you stretch right and stay focused, we’re sure you’ll be doing cartwheels in no time.


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Table Of Contents




Rick Ross
Alice Smith
Polow Da Don
Mistah FAB
Ricky Rankin
Field Music




Ghostface Killah
The Balladeer

Love Is All
Rebel Yell

Kyp Malone
Body Politic

Mira Billote
Becoming Familiar With An Illusion

Connect The Dots

Mike Skinner
Signs Of Life

Eight Ball
Heavy Rhyme Experience