Video - Deerhoof "The Tears And Music Of Love"

Deerhoof continues to be one of the best bands at both marketing themselves and making themselves accessible to their fans. One of the more interesting ways was when they released their entire upcoming album Offend Maggie as sheet music for the "Fresh Born" experiment, asking fans to cover the new songs before they've had a chance to hear them. Well, now they can hear how close they came to matching the original for at least one of them.

The track "The Tears And Music Of Love" will be the first track on the forthcoming October 7th Kill Rock Stars release. Performed live in Tokyo this past summer, it shows Deerhoof in a "take-no-prisoners mode." I guess that means you won't be held captive by this video? We haven't figured that one out yet, but we can show you the video.

"The Tears And Music Of Love"

Kill Rock Stars

Video - Deerhoof "The Tears And Music Of Love"