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Live: FADER 56 Party With Rodriguez and Michna

To warm up for Rodriguez's third ever appearance in the United States (that's a big deal considering his essential album came out in 1969) at our Issue Number 56 party, we sipped on spirits generously provided by Bass Ale, Black Swan Wine, and JC Cognac while F56 Gen-Fer Michna played a diverse DJ set. Michna also chicken scratched "FADER 56 RELEASE PARTY" and "RODRIGUEZ" up on the projection screen some weird video pad. It was approximately 92 million degrees inside, but we were still pretty content. Then Rodriguez came out to play a set of his forgotten, if ever discovered, classics from that 1969 album, Cold Fact. We're going to go ahead and say it: we totally thought he was Slash for a second. But no, he is Rodriguez—philosophizing between songs, and randomly shouting "FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!" Right on, dude! Just when it was almost too hot to bear, he launched into his weed appreciation anthem "Sugar Man," and before we knew it, we were cooling off outside, smiling huge and heading home. We'll have some video of the night up soon, but until then, appreciate the stillness of the photos after the jump.

Live: FADER 56 Party With Rodriguez and Michna