Exclusive Download - Jolie Holland's "Palmyra"

Jolie Holland's third studio album, The Living And The Dead comes out October 7th on Anti-, but we at The Tripwire love her new album so much that we want you to get an exclusive, early listen.

The third track on the record, "Palmyra" is classic, ramblin' Holland, but it may also represent Jolie at her most rockin' to date. Assuming it's intentional, The Living And The Dead reads as a conceptual album, where lines like "They took it all, and I don't care" and "I'll dance at your funeral, if you dance at mine" tell a plaintive tale of one whose wisdom and acceptance surpass any notion of loss - whether possessive or existential.

Like the end of William Carlos Williams' famous introduction to HOWL, Jolie Holland has "hit that long, hard road that passes straight through Hell," and has a gorgeous new record to show-for.

MP3 Download - "Palmyra"

Cover Artwork For The Living And The Dead
Jolie Holland

Exclusive Download - Jolie Holland's "Palmyra"