Earth Crisis Signs Worldwide Deal, To Start Recording New Album Next Month

A busy Wednesday deserves some hardcore love, don't you think? It might not be traditional Tripwire fodder, but mid-nineties hardcore pioneers Earth Crisis - who broke up in 2001 - have decided to enter the studio once again as a full-time band, exciting 35 year-old straight-edge vegans everywhere.

The Syracuse outfit reunited this past spring for a North American headlining tour, obviously igniting the passion once again to write and record, announcing a new worldwide deal with mega-metal label Century Media Records. The group will self produce the album and are set to begin tracking next month. The acclaimed Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted) will handle mixing and mastering duties.

Earth Crisis served as the mouthpiece for America's militant vegan, straight-edge movement throughout the '90s, detailing the ideas of animal and human liberation, drug-free living, and personal empowerment through hardcore song. This movement spawned activists who took the law into their own hands, burning down fur farms and freeing animals directly. With lyrics centered around the dangers of drug abuse and bringing "violence against violence" to drug dealers and those who would abuse animals: "a firestorm to purify." Sometimes even spawning less "ethical" violence-hungry activists who would show up at shows to beat up kids who were caught smoking or drinking. Major media outlets like CNN, CBS and MTV soon started covering the band and the vegan, straight-edge scene in general, helping to launch the onetime fad into everyday American life.

The press release doesn't state whether they still prescribe to these beliefs, but the tattoo's they brandish would suggest there's no turning back.


Earth Crisis Signs Worldwide Deal, To Start Recording New Album Next Month