Exclusive Download - The Mint Chicks "Walking Off A Cliff Again" (Live)

Portland Oregon's the Prids had quite an awful accident earlier this summer while on tour in California. On July 20th they flipped their tour van, leaving all four band members and two of their traveling compadres hospitalized. What does this have to do with the Mint Chicks you ask? The answer lies somewhere in our Nations miserable health care system.

On August 23rd, bands of Portland gathered to help raise money to help the Prids cover their medical expenses, of those bands included recently transported The Mint Chicks. Having moved to Portland from New Zealand in late 2007 the Mint Chicks had never met any members of the Prids until the day of this show. Why then play the benefit? According to a statement provided to OregonLive.com via e-mail, they played because, "We don't have medical insurance, and we've had close calls ourselves. It made (us) shudder when (we) heard about the Prids because for any band, it's pretty close to home."

Well, we here at the Tripwire would like to share the good will with you in your home via a live version of "Walking Off A Cliff Again." Performed at the Someday Lounge during the Prids benefit show, it was recorded by Neil Blake and Mastered by Chicks' Rubian and Kody.

MP3 Download - "Walking Off A Cliff" (Live)

Video for the studio version of "Walking Off A Cliff"

The Mint Chicks

Exclusive Download - The Mint Chicks "Walking Off A Cliff Again" (Live)