Tripwire Video Premiere - 31Knots "Compass Commands"

In a world of kill or be killed, 31Knots are doing the killing and eating the fruits of their labor in this video for the first single from their August 19th Polyvinyl release - and 6th full length for the band - Worried Well. But wait! Are they killing frontman Joe Haege at the end? Why must you leave us in limbo like that?

Set during a feast fit for a king (and one that left me having to go get lunch before posting), the video for "Compass Commands" is a literal yet fun stab at the gluttony of survival, with the Portland-by-way-of-Chicago trio heading the dinner table. The universal rule of thumb may be kill or be killed, but are two full roasted pigs necessary? Produced by electronic musician and multi-media artist E*Rock, it's a lo-fi, big production (as in a lot of people and props) affair, which, unless you're a vegetarian, we suggest eating lunch before viewing.

Polyvinyl Records

Tripwire Video Premiere - 31Knots "Compass Commands"