Anthology 1997-98

Faraquet figured prominently in the same late 90's DC rock scene that spawned heavy-hitters like Smart Went Crazy, The Dismemberment Plan and The Beauty Pill. Based around the core of Devin Ocampo and Chad Motler, with bassist Jeff Bowell for good measure, they plied their trade in angular guitar-driven rock melded to jazzy polyrhythms. Their catalog is comprised of but a single full-length and a handful of other sides, but the full-length was on Dischord, garnering it a fair amount of attention from the onset. Sadly, the attention proved to be short-lived.

Citing the ever-popular "creative differences" as a reason, Faraquet broke up a week after Dischord released The View From This Tower and the early material quickly fell out of print. Ocampo and Motler have been musical foils since their early teens in L.A., and continue to play music together in Medications and Mary Timony's backing band. Ocampo is an audio engineer by day at DC's Silver Sonya studio and took it upon himself to compile and remix their early singles material. Anthology 1997-98 compiles the first 7" on Mis En Scene with the DeSoto 7" and their side of the Akarso split, plus an unreleased track. It does not have the rumored cover of The Smiths "Oscillate Wildly" but the ten songs that comprise Anthology 1997-98 are an impressive legacy of these titans of late 90's math rock.

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Anthology 1997-98