Bob Mould To Publish His Autobiography

Michael Pietsch, Publisher of Little, Brown and Company, announced today that rock legend Bob Mould, founder of the pioneering American punk band Hüsker Dü, will write his memoir for publication in autumn 2010. Michael Azerrad, author of the bestselling Our Band Could Be Your Life and Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana will collaborate with Mould to tell the full story of his blazing, era-defining life and career.

As a founding member of the trio Hüsker Dü in Minneapolis in 1979, Mould was instrumental in redefining American punk. Whenever you look to rock bands who use literary prose as a defining element to their music, chances are they were influenced by Mould or the power-pop outfit's catalog. Hüsker Dü released eight albums in seven years and toured relentlessly before drug addictions, a suicide, and artistic and personal differences (a theme today) led to the band's implosion in 1988.

From the press release: "The memoir will, for the first time ever, delve deeply into Mould's life as a musician and his experiences with Hüsker Dü, as a solo artist, and in his most commercially viable and successful work as leader of '90s indie rock kingpins Sugar. He will also tell the story of his other lives, including his internal struggle with his sexuality, the coming-out process, and his subsequent embrace of, and service to, the LGBT community; his work as a creative consultant / director in the world of pro wrestling; his work as a record producer, including seminal projects by Soul Asylum and Magnapop; and his foray into electronic / dance music, including the popular BLOWOFF club events held nationwide."

From Bob Mould: "For many years, people have asked if and when I would write my autobiography. I have always looked forward to this point in time, where I could tell my stories, to answer the many questions about the music and the lifestyle, and how they inform the creative process. I have not been alone on this ride: friends and foes, mentors and associates, peers, lovers, all traveling by my side. The ride so far has been incredible, and I hope to do my memory right in documenting the journey."

Hüsker Dü live on the "Late Show with Joan Rivers"

Bob Mould

Bob Mould To Publish His Autobiography