Flashback Friday Video(s) - Placebo "Sleeping With Ghosts" & "Pure Morning"

In keeping with the ghost theme that we started last week (and are considering running until Halloween if we can come up with enough videos), one of the songs we had hoped to use for a flashback was Placebo's "Sleeping With Ghosts". Problem is, we weren't able to find an official video.

We all assumed there was one considering the popularity of the song, but our searches proved futile as all we were able to find was live videos and a handful of homemade vid's made by fans. So here's your chance to become interactive with the Tripwire - if you know of, or can find an official video for "Sleeping With Ghosts" e-mail us and let us know. In the meantime, you can watch this live version of "Sleeping" and one that is actually an official video for their classic (and in this editor's mind, amazing) song "Pure Morning".

"Sleeping With Ghosts" (Live)

"Pure Morning"


Flashback Friday Video(s) - Placebo "Sleeping With Ghosts" & "Pure Morning"