Pop Montreal Announces Schedule

While most people start looking towards the CMJ Music Marathon come fall, we here at The Tripwire like to take a moment to look towards our French speaking neighbors to the North first. Of course CMJ all weighs heavily on our collective minds (and livers) as October approaches, but Pop Montreal reminds us of CMJ's many moons ago - when under-hyped bands played to over-appreciated audiences, and everything was a bit more lassez-faire.

According to the representatives at Pop Montreal, they held a press conference yesterday to announce the schedule, and although it won't be posted on their site until tomorrow, we do have a physical copy of the schedule for you to look at. With a line-up that includes Tripwire approved acts such as (deep inhale): Irma Thomas, Dan Deacon, Burt Bacharach, Beach House, The Dodos, Wire, The Wedding Present, The Deathset, Growing, Silver Apples, Japanther, Shugo Tokumara, Women, Panther, Ratatat, Au and An Albatross (exhale) among others, it's sure to be a bubbly affair. I mean, isn't this promo video just the cutest?

Make sure to check back to their site for the most up to the date information, and for your pre-planning pleasure, you can download the schedule in PDF form here.

Pop Montreal

Pop Montreal Announces Schedule