Exclusive Download - The (International) Noise Conspiracy "I Am The Dynamite"

It's been quite an interesting ride for T(I)NC, almost as interesting as it's been to sit back and watch it develop. Formed from the ashes of one of the most important hardcore bands of any generation, Refused, The (International) Noise Conspiracy quickly became known around the world for their neo-Communist political stance buoyed by their 70's-inflected rock 'n' roll swagger. How then does a band spewing Socialist rhetoric end up on a major label? Rick Rubin.

See? We told you the ride is fun one.

Officially forming in 1998, the band has long progressed since their first release, The First Conspiracy on the Canadian, politically charged label G7 Welcoming Committee. I had the opportunity to interview lead singer (and former Refused frontman) Dennis Lyxzén and asked him pointedly how he could explain signing to a major label given their political views. His answer was simple, "there's no difference between small and big Capitalism, it's all Capitalism." But his quote from their most recent press release might give us a bit more insight. "We've worked hard for a long time, but it's a tough world to get by in. Anything that doesn't fit the mold scares the music industry, we know how this world works; that's just the way it is. But we also recognize the industry is on shaky ground because of that, which is why it's so cool to have someone like Rick (Rubin) believe in you."

And with Rick Rubin believing in them, the quartet recorded their newest album The Cross Of My Calling at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, their second full-length with the legendary producer at the helm. The (International) Noise Conspiracy will release it on Vagrant/American Recordings on November 25th, but you don't have to wait until then to hear it. They have made the song "Assassination Of Myself" readily available on their MySpace page, and the Tripwire is the only place to hear "I Am The Dynamite" - the 9th track (and first post-Interlude) on the forthcoming album.

MP3 Download - "I Am The Dynamite"

Cross Of My Calling tracklisting
01. Intro
02. The Assassination of Myself
03. Dustbins of History
04. Arm Yourself
05. Hiroshima Mon Amour
06. Boredom of Safety
07. Child of God
08. Interlude
09. I Am The Dynamite
10. Washington Bullets
11. Satan Made the Deal
12. Storm the Gates of Beverly Hills
13. Black September
14. The Cross of My Calling

The (International) Noise Conpiracy
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Exclusive Download - The (International) Noise Conspiracy "I Am The Dynamite"