Video - Dr. Dog "The Ark" (Kanye Likes It!)

We're not quite sure why or how Kanye discovered the new Dr. Dog video for the the song "The Ark", but it made it up on his blog, calling it "Beautiful." I mean, he wouldn't have someone else posting on his personal blog now, would he?

Regardless, Kanye (or whoever) is right, the new video for the single "The Ark" is quite beautiful - yet extremely creepy. Described as a "trip down the rabbit hole in a psychedelic gore-fest," think beautiful in the way "Pan's Labyrinth" is beautiful and you'll start to get an idea. Directed by Adam Kurland and Panoptic, it is quite a visual display for a band who only a few years ago was Philly's hidden gem. Now we're just surprised they even had time to make a video. Since the July 22nd, Park The Van release of Fate they have been touring non-stop to sold out venues all over the globe (and will continue to do so until December 2nd), performed on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic last week and will even be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Thursday. In fact, they have so much going on and so many tour dates, I don't have the energy to post them all. Just watch the video then head over to their MySpace to figure it out for your lazy selves.

Dr. Dog

Video - Dr. Dog "The Ark" (Kanye Likes It!)