Noel Gallagher To Write Sitcom?

Maybe the blow Noel took from one Daniel Sullivan in Toronto has him thinking a career change. But only time will tell if he possesses the quick wit and foul-mouthed cynicism that is needed to be a sitcom writer.

That, of course, is sarcasm my friends (Noel, please teach me the ways!). It's actually quite easy to picture the Oasis guitarist penning some hilarious sketches. While he admits wanting to be part of a team of scriptwriters, according to a report in NME, the idea came from friend and comedian Russell Brand. Apparently Noel thinks he'd be good at it, but chocks up the idea to Brand "Russell has been trying to rope me into something, but at the moment I can't commit to anything outside Oasis. But one day. Who knows?"

Also in the article, he reveals that he's friends with the comedian because of their contrary characteristics. "Russell's a big posh Essex boy former-junkie who's been to the dark side and found Hare Krishna. He's never seen a council estate," joked Gallagher. "I'm a gruff northerner who drinks Red Stripe. He finds that fascinating."

One can only imagine what hilarity would ensue if he keeps his ire pointed towards other bands and musicians while writing for the small screen. And now begins the official debate if he would, in fact, be the funniest Gallagher.


Noel Gallagher To Write Sitcom?