Parts & Labor Drummer Joe Wong Scores Soundtrack For "The Pool"

Ok, we might be a bit late announcing the soundtrack score for a film that was finished and received a Sundance Award in 2007. But new Parts & Labor drummer Joe Wong only joined the band early in 2008, and the film recently opened in New York two weeks ago, so odds are if you're like us (uninformed when it comes to movies about the former Portuguese territory Goa), it's news to you too.

Actually co-scored by Wong and Didier Leplae, "The Pool" was directed and photographed by the documentarian Chris Smith - yes, the same Chris Smith of the amazing "American Movie" as well as "The Yes Men" and "American Job". In fact, further research shows that Wong also performed on the soundtrack for "The Yes Men". Like his previous works, Smith is said to blur the lines between fiction and reality by creating a semi-documentary where the actors play roles using their real first names. Set in Panaji, the capital of Goa, "The Pool" is actually based on the Randy Russell short story, which was originally set in Iowa. Smith and Russell relocated and produced the film in both English and Hindi, with English subtitles.

Considering that the film is set in a country few Americans have heard of - let alone possess knowledge of its culture - creating a soundtrack for a film of this nature would seem like no small feat. We haven't seen the movie to attest to this first hand, but in a NY Times review for the film, they called the music "lilting...conjuring the city's past as a Portuguese outpost." "The Pool" is still playing at select independent theaters and you can view the trailer below. Parts & Labor's new record, Receivers comes out October 21st on Jagjaguar.

Trailer for "The Pool"

The Pool
Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor Drummer Joe Wong Scores Soundtrack For "The Pool"