Freeload: DJ Steve1der’s Nate Dogg Mix

Although DJ Steve1der‘s mix has been in the works for awhile, we’re choosing to look at it as a nice get well soon card to Nate Dogg, who recently suffered his second stroke. Fortunately, he seems to be recovering and is in stable condition. Since we don’t know him personally, we’re thinking that listening to this mix is the ideal way to send good vibes and much appreciation to one of the architects of the modern hip-hop hook. Also, he was partially responsible for “Regulate.” We’ll leave it at that.

Download: DJ Steve1der’s Nate Dogg Mix

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  1. Jade jones says:

    what about female DJ who’s trying to make it in the music/DJ industry how would you go about this i am 17 female into hard house i have a pair cdj 400 and djm 400 mixer running vir dj via a lap top

  2. Rachel house says:

    looking for some good vids onlineto help me start mixing on my new cdj400 please all new to this and blonde female needs help