New Music Thursdays - Rumspringa "Goldmine"

We've decided we need themes to make it through our work week. Wednesdays seem to have been deemed hardcore day. And now, by process of default (and the pile of promos sitting next to me), we've decided to take a few moments this Thursday to name drop bands that might not be filling your inbox with press releases, but ones we feel worthy of your time nonetheless.

To be fair, Rumspringa is not unknown. In fact, they already have a video for this track and share a label (Cantora Records) with indie darlings Violens and some band with a penchant for power trips and acronyms. But unlike either, this native Los Angeles duo has a distinctly more rock and blues vibe, citing Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, underground psychedelic pioneer Michael Yonkers, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eric B and Rakim, and Grandmaster Flash as influences.

The single "Goldmine", from their self-titled EP, examines all of these influences and spits them out sounding like Ghostland Observatory covering Jar Of Flies. Ok, that might be a stretch, but you try to make comparisons that do it justice.

MP3 Download - "Goldmine"

Video for "Goldmine"

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New Music Thursdays - Rumspringa "Goldmine"