New Music Thursdays - Screaming Females "Boyfriend" & "Fun"

When I say the words "DIY band from New Jersey," I bet many of you already have a preconceived notion established of what you might hear when you inevitably click below to hear the greatness that is posted within.

The Screaming Females have actually been kicking around the New York/New Jersey DIY and punk scenes for a few years now, but these two tracks have been in steady rotation on my iTunes since catching wind of them from a friend who saw them play recently in Manhattan. They remain fiercely independent, releasing all of their own records, save for a few splits, with a non-stop tour schedule through December that features many all-ages and TBA stops in places like Ypsilanti, Michigan.

And while the closest comparison I could make would be something akin to Miss Alex White combined with Sonic Youth, ultimately it's a garage-psych-punk infusion that belies their native Garden State roots. But in true form, they will host a tour kick-off and release show for their two newest split singles with Full of Fancy and Hunchback at the Jersey all-ages punk mecca Asbury Lanes. You can take the kid out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the kid.

MP3 Download - "Boyfriend"

MP3 Download - "Fun"

Screaming Females

New Music Thursdays - Screaming Females "Boyfriend" & "Fun"