Exclusive Download - The Muslims "Bright Side" (Live)

The Muslims have been doing their thing for quite some time now in the LA/San Diego area. And while the affection they've received from places like Vice allows them to be compared to such bands as King Kahn or the Black Lips, their vibe is considerably more West Coast than either of these references.

Even the quote they've pulled to describe themselves - "Imagine David Kilgour fronting The Fall" - misses the mark (get it?) because The Fall means nothing without a blabbering drunkard at the helm. No see, these comparisons are often used to describe garage-influenced bands because many of them need a shtick to separate themselves from the pack. Get drunk, dress up silly, piss off your mates; anything to distract you from what might turn out to be average rock n' roll.

The point being that The Muslims are not average. But they are rock n' roll, and they unashamedly stick to the formula of just writing good rock n' roll songs. That is their shtick. That is why we like them.

This version of their song "Bright Side" from their debut 12" on 1928 Recordings was recorded live in their hometown of San Diego at the Casbah. True to form, it's not far off from the recording, because as any iconic musician will tell you, when you get it right the first time there's not much else you have to do besides play the song.

MP3 Download - "Bright Side" (Live)

The Muslims will be releasing a new 7" in a couple of weeks on I Hate Rock n' Roll, which you can pre-order here.

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Exclusive Download - The Muslims "Bright Side" (Live)