Gorillaz Start Talking New Album

The animated pop collective Gorillaz were rumored to have quit making music following the release of their 2005 sophomore release and international best-seller Demon Days. But earlier today, reports started popping up that former Blur frontman Damon Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hawlett have begun talking about the next album.

As Yahoo Music UK mentions in a brief statement, Albarn and Hawlett "came back from summer holidays and realized we could do exactly what we wanted to do with Gorillaz," as confirmed by Albarn. "Essentially, Jamie just had to agree to draw the characters again. 'Cause I just do what I do anyway."

While Hewlett admited to being "so fucking bored of drawing those characters" and the duo remain uncertain about what direction the album will take, it seems as though we can at least start the rumors of what guests might show up on the record. We're going to start the rumor mill by name checking Kanye, Justin Frischmann and - you ready for this - not one, but both of the Gallagher bothers. Remember you heard it hear first.

"Feel Good Inc" performed live at the Apollo Theater


Gorillaz Start Talking New Album