Download Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising For Free

During the 2004 elections, Director Michael Moore set forth on one of his film making endeavors for a reason that goes beyond box office appeal. Sure, he may have an opinion about a certain soon-to-be ex-President, but more importantly, he knew the fate of our country lies in the hands of the next generation. And what is cliche to one person is a reason to act for another.

Now it's time again for an election of equal (or greater) importance than the one in 2004, and we will get to see first hand how his efforts have affected the minds and votes of our country's 20-somethings. Since he was panned by Republicans, we can at least assume he made a dent in their psyche, but Moore is not done getting people registered. For only your e-mail address, you can download the entire move for free. Check out the trailer below and then head over the the Slacker Uprising website to download the movie if you like what you see.

Featuring the likes of Tom Morello, Eddie Vedder and R.E.M. to name a few, it's not just a walk in political pandering. And for the record, we would've posted this yesterday when it actually was released for free, but we were out interviewing this enigmatic cat Shugo.

Slacker Uprising
Michael Moore

Download Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising For Free