Exclusive Download - Eulogies "Two Can Play" (Feat. Nikki Monninger Of Silversun Pickups)

Eulogies frontman and bio-described bandleader Peter Walker explains the bands moniker not as morbid, but rather as a reminder to say the things you want to say at this very moment without waiting until it's too late. In essence, to eulogize the living. "That's what I'm preaching to myself," admits Walker, "don't be quiet. I can't survive down that road." Ironically, the Eulogies will be releasing an EP entitled Tempted To Do Nothing on October 7th via Dangerbird Records. So do we speak up or do nothing? What are you trying to tell me Peter?

Thankfully he's got a voice that makes you want to listen, so decisions can be put to the side for the moment. And when you add in the beautifully contrasting vocals by the Pickups' Monninger, the soft, inviting warmth will make you feel comfortable enough to say whatever you please. With Monninger and Walker exchanging vocal passages and a chorus of "I implore you / Talk to me now / 'Cause you're wrong to hide it", the single "Two Can Play" seems to be the perfect summary for all of the above. The song, which is both on their upcoming EP and full length (slated for release in spring of '09) is both inviting and haunting at the same time, evoking passion and distance with a strange sense of urgency. The same emotions befitting of an eulogy.

MP3 Download - "Two Can Play"

As an interesting footnote, the Eulogies' four-song EP will be available on VinylDisc, a combination of CD and Vinyl capabilities on one disc. It plays like a regular CD in any CD player, and the art side features working vinyl grooves. The piece comes with an adapter, making the disc playable on any record player.


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Exclusive Download - Eulogies "Two Can Play" (Feat. Nikki Monninger Of Silversun Pickups)