Live - Cut Copy @ Webster Hall | NYC

Cut Copy. The Presets. Heartbreak. Webster Hall. Unisex Restrooms. All falling on the hipster weekend of Monday night. Does it get much better than this?

First things first. I rolled in from lovely San Francisco round 9PM, so catching the Presets and Heartbreak was out the window (ed. - good thing we covered The Presets and Heartbreak from this tour earlier in the week). A bit disappointing, but it gave me a nice chance to "warm up" for Cut Copy across the street at the local pub, plus I jammed "In Ghost Colours" the entire flight (props to Janet sitting next to me for getting down).

Upon entering the building, it was clear that the crowd was ready to cut some rug. Webster was packed, and the band was in great form, starting out the set with "Far Away." With one hand in the air and another on the keys, lead singer Dan Whitford whipped fans into a frenzy with each melodic crescendo. The visuals were also on point from the first note, featuring rows of neon lights and models applying shaving cream to their bodies.

As the set progressed, things continued to get steamy on the dance floor, and "Out there on Ice" was absolutely outstanding. The breakdown = mind blowing, and it was the perfect set-up for the show stopper, "Lights and Music." The lights and music were on my mind last night, not to mention all of the good looking peeps who attended the show.

As the curtain came a calling, "Hearts on Fire" was in order and Webster was rockin' and a rollin' like an early 2000's Saturday "club night." As if the evening couldn't get any better, it was like Christmas at Santos Party House for the after party with both CC and the Presets coming in to play the jammy jams. Sai hooked it up Lil' John style with Patron all around, and both bands sounded great on the 1s and 2s.

Cut Copy

Live - Cut Copy @ Webster Hall | NYC