New Music Thursdays - Grampall Jookabox "The Girl Ain't Preggers"

Ghetto-folkster Grampall Jookabox put out an EP a few weeks ago called Rill Bruh. He gave it away for free. Consisting of several remixes and out-takes from his upcoming
Asthmatic Kitty full length Ropechain ( November 4th), the track "The Girl Ain't Preggers" is one that is featured on both releases. With the absolute sincerity and unselfconscious authenticity of an old time blues song, yet somehow regurgitated in a way that sounds more akin to club music, we here at the TW have also been quite fond of this track, even more so with a full explanation:

"The lyrical narrative of "The Girl Ain't Preggers" deals with a man who is at first terrified that his girlfriend might be pregnant, who spends most of the song coming up with reasons why a baby would be totally inconvenient and most likely disastrous considering his economic situation and lifestyle. By the end of the song, however - by the time that the scare is over and the potential pregnancy has been neutralized as a threat - there is the sharp pang of regret and even a sort of sense of loss that this purely hypothetical: accidental life bodied forth by fear and the delay of menstruation will not be unfolding into a real body, into a real baby that the narrator would then have been forced to deal with and to love. This is a situation that more than a few of us in the listening audience have been faced with before."

MP3 Download - "The Girl Ain't Preggers"


Asthmatic Kitty

New Music Thursdays - Grampall Jookabox "The Girl Ain't Preggers"