New Music Thursdays - Our Brother The Native "Parting Marrows"

Our Brother The Native are not that new - they have released two records already on FatCat - but they're line-up has been recently reduced by one member as they prepare for their third FC release, a digital-only EP this October 20th entitled Parting Marrows. Now a two-piece (Josh Bertram on vocals, guitar, organs, harmonium and sax, and Chaz Knapp on guitar, keys and bass), the EP is a forerunner to a new full length that is slated to come out in early 2009.

Although American, OBTN fits perfectly into the FatCat Euro-catalog (think Sigur Ros). But what is most appealing about this band is that although they incorporate such lush production and aural landscapes, they're a DIY band who records out of their own homes. Not such a big deal these days, but more so when it's not a raw punk band or a solo-producer. The intricate layering and sampling intertwined with the airy vocals and piano lays the foundation for limitless possibilities. There is no predicting what these guys can put out, nor do they allow themselves to be confined by classification. But if there was one band who was deserving of the adverb "atmospheric," I would say it's Our Brother The Native.

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Our Brother The Native

New Music Thursdays - Our Brother The Native "Parting Marrows"