Britney Spears To Debut New Single "Womanizer" During The Hills

At first I asked myself - Britney Spears is still relevant? But then I reminisced about the crazy, bald Britney smashing up cars with an umbrella that I fell in love with and realized, if she can come back with a vengeance, well then damn it, we owe it to her to care!

In what MTV is calling a "triumphant return back to the top," Britney's first single "Womanizer" from her upcoming album Circus, will have its exclusive Television debut on MTV during the Monday, September 29th episode of its hit series The Hills. Circus will be released on Tuesday, December 2nd - Britney's 27th birthday. Although making it's television debut, "Womanizer" was officially released to radio today.
Excited whispers from around the water cooler were heard saying things like, "eh" and "it's just more of the same crap." Even rumored speculation was abound; "I'm sure it's a song about her being a slut or acting slutty." Well you can lay those rumors to rest people, because to everyone's surprise, the video for "Womanizer" includes a lot of "erotic choreography" and features a leather clad Spears gyrating with a man in a suit.

So wait. You mean she hasn't changed? That, despite all of the life-changing events and realizations she might not be taken seriously as a performer resulted in just another slut song? God, I love her.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears To Debut New Single "Womanizer" During The Hills