Flashback Friday Video - The Specials "Ghost Town"

Is this theme thing wearing on you yet? Only 4 (or is it 5?) weeks to go until Halloween, so send us your requests, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

In case you don't like clicking on links, we started running ghost-themed videos a few weeks back and decided to try and stretch it out until Halloween. Right off the bat we ran into problems and needed some help from our readers - and they've come to the rescue. One of our friends and readers, Maia, pointed out the classic Specials song "Ghost Town" immediately after reading the concept. How could we have missed this one? So far we've been tipped off to Placebo, Sonic Youth and now the Specials. Man, our readers like some good ghost-themed music.

"Ghost Town"

The Specials

Flashback Friday Video - The Specials "Ghost Town"