Photos - Calexico @ Webster Hall | NYC

A simple bed of lights giving an illusion of a clear starry night positioned as the backdrop for the band set the tone for this phenomenal concert. Watching Calexico play their blend of spaghetti western border music with such a sparse background set up a sprawling musical landscape for what was to ensue.

The band's playlist was extremely diverse pulling from their extensive catalog, including their classic album Feast of Wire as well as performing some great songs from their new CD, Carried To Dust. It was a pitch perfect mix that would please any fan of the band and invigorate any first time listeners to look further in to them.

The stand out songs were the moody feedback drenched "Man Made Lake" in which they extended the chilling cacophonous guitar solo from the album, leaving the audience in a complete state of aww. "Silver Trees" soaked in the atmospheric mood of concert, and made it work with the emotive undertone of the song, thus producing a chilling memorable performance.

Classic songs such as "Sunken Waltz" and "Quattro" from Feast of Wire were as timeless as they ever were and performed live were absolute perfection. Cumbia/Son infused numbers "Insparacion" and "Across The Wire" were a couple danceable numbers in which the horn section turned up the heat el mariachi style adding a little salsa flavor to the show.

The audience was totally in to this show, which really added to the performance. There was a contagious energy emanating from the band that everyone was going crazy for and really reacting to. In a city where most people at concerts stand immobile while listening to the music, there were a surprising number of people grooving to these tunes. In my book if you can get a NYC audience to move that is a sign of a successful concert. Calexico should be proud of themselves.


Photos - Calexico @ Webster Hall | NYC