Ten Stones

David Eugene Edwards has been making music under the radar for over 12 years steadily releasing a record every one or two, slowly crafting his unique style of gothic Americana that fully shines through on Woven hand's new album Ten Stones. It is a dark murky emotional masterpiece that tackles pain, conflict, faith and redemption with a war-like musical attack filled with battle charged guitars and pummeling drumbeats. All of this encompassing David Eugene Edwards hauntingly unique howl of a delivery. Edward's doesn't sing these songs, he chants them as if he wielding a flaming axe before battle preaching from a higher power to his troops below. This intoxicating mix imbues such imagery from the emotional intensity craftily formed by these phenomenal arrangements.

"The Beautiful Axe" kicks off the album with a battle chant of epic proportions with crunching distorted dual guitars that cascade from the fiery heavens as Edwards delivers his liturgy with caustic urgency. It's a booming song to begin with, that effortlessly flows in to the haunting acoustic guitar strums of "Horsetail" which builds to an exhilarating densely layered mix of swirling electric and acoustic guitars. "Kicking Bird" is a killer song filled with high-octane swirling guitars, pounding drums and tribal chants evocative of a Native American song except amped up 100 times more. The stand out of the bunch is "White Knuckle Grip" with its crunchy guitar stomp, raucous accordion and punk rock sensibility that makes for the most rocking track on the album. Truthfully I have never heard an accordion rock so hard in my life!

David Eugene Edwards is America's Nick Cave, he engulfs himself with the doomed, dark side of life and creates some of the most emotionally dense gothic Americana out right now. His musical craftsmanship is top notch and extremely unique. He draws from elements of genres as diverse as folk rock, to punk and even gypsy music to invoke a more powerfully distinctive musical prowess, which is embodied in this great CD. If you are looking for catchy hook laced songs then this is not the album for you, but if you want to hear an album which displays sheer craftsmanship solely from the mind of David Eugene Edwards than this is the album for you.

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Ten Stones