Exclusive Download - The Ettes "I Heard Tell"

We here at the Tripwire have a soft spot for female fronted garage pop, but when bands use the suffix of "ettes" at the end their name, we find that...well...just a bit too kitschy. Why not just use the suffix as your name? It's so much cooler that way.

In early 2004, The Ettes moved to LA from NYC, which, on the surface might seem like an odd move considering the burgeoning Brooklyn music scene. Until you realize how little the borough has supported garage during its revival (note how one of NY's best examples doesn't even list it as their home city). Well, the move has worked, as 2008 has seen the band play around the world garnering critical praise along the way leading up to the release of their sophomore record Look At Life Again Soon.

There are many standout tracks on the record, but we specifically asked The Ettes if we could post the song "I Heard Tell" because we loved the fuzz and layered vocals. We figured for a band that likes to refer to themselves as "beat-punk," might as well present them as such.

MP3 Download - "I Heard Tell"

The Ettes

Exclusive Download - The Ettes "I Heard Tell"