Tobacco & Aesop Rock Vs. The Hood Internet

The masked front man of Black Moth Super Rainbow has some fucked up friends. Among them is Aesop Rock, who lends his vocals to the track "Dirt" on Tobacco's appropriately titled October 14th release Fucked Up Friends. The people at The Hood were so inspired by this collaboration, not only did they supply a remix for the song, they've compiled a complete mixtape dedicated to it.

Dropping on Anticon in two weeks, you can hear the original of "Dirt" below, then take a moment to download the entire mixtape (technically a compilation since the songs don't mix into each other) of Tobacco and Aesop with some other special guest appearances:

MP3 Download - "Dirt" featuring Aesop Rock

The Hood Internet Vs. Tobacco & Aesop Rock tracklisting
1. Little Pink Getaway Car (feat. Cage, Breeze Brewin)
2. Hairy Candy at 11:35 (feat. Mr. Lif)
3. Coffee Hawker (feat. John Darnielle)
4. Dirt RMX (feat. Zaid Maxwell)
5. Lime Eaters (feat. Camp Lo)
6. Dark Pink Goo (feat. Rob Sonic)
7. We're Backwoods Famous (feat. El-P)

Download via Sendspace [34.9MB zip of individual tracks]
Download via Mediafire [34.9MB zip of individual tracks]

Oh, and Tobacco has a sexy new video for the track "Street Trash" as well:

"Street Trash"

Aesop Rock
The Hood Internet

Tobacco & Aesop Rock Vs. The Hood Internet