Neurosis Announces First Bands Invited To Beyond The Pale At The Roadburn Festival 2009

Hosted by the 013 venue in Tilburg Holland, Roadburn 2009 will run for three days from Thursday, April 23 to Saturday, April 25. That Saturday however, in honor of the 10th anniversary of launching their own label - Neurot Records - stoner metal purveyors Neurosis will have complete freedom to invite all the bands and set the lineups for each of the stages for the entire day.

We could go onto explain the reasons both for them curating the day as well as the bands they chose, but why do that when their two guitar players have already done it for us?

"It is a great honor and privilege to have been asked to host our own Beyond the Pale event at Roadburn 2009. Roadburn is a completely different experience than the traditional music festival. It is a small, intimate, extremely well organized festival, put together by people who love the bands, and thrive on creating a unique social vibe where the lines between artist, audience, and staff are often completely blurred." -Steve Von Tell

First bands announced for Beyond The Pale 2009

The Young Gods
"Neurosis' very first show on European soil was a small festival in Germany in 1992. After a day or two of soaking in the foreign sights, sounds, and culture, we had the honor of supporting The Young Gods from Switzerland. We were young and still new to the methods of integrating keyboards and samples into our own style of heavy music and that night The Young Gods taught us a lesson. Massive guitar riffs blasted from the PA yet there was no guitarist to be seen. Their sampler / keyboardist was a true sonic alchemist brewing insane psychedelic heavy riffs from banks of custom created textures. Rarely had we experienced technology used so organically in music. Those sounds combined with the essential hard hitting, solid backbone of a great rock drummer and a charismatic vocalist blew our minds that night. Over the years we have continued to admire The Young Gods' music and their contribution to original heavy music. One of my favorite daily rituals during our brutal touring schedule in the late '90s was hearing our soundman Dave Clark test the local PA systems with The Young Gods, pushing the speakers to their limits. We are proud to have The Young Gods appearing with us this year for Beyond the Pale at Roadburn 2009. As our existence spirals out from the center, it is rewarding when some things come full circle." -Steve Von Till

"Once in a great while, something unexpected and amazing arrives in the post office box. This happened several years back with a handmade wax-sealed package entitle Five Suns by English outfit Guapo. Instantly a wall of gongs, distorted bass and screaming Fender Rhodes built up a frightening hypnotic and pulsating beat that somehow managed to evoke images of Red or Lark's Tongue-era King Crimsonwithout the pretense, almost as if it were thrust forth with the ferocity of a Jesus Lizard type aggression. I was sold. Their albums have only become more intriguing, delving deeper into a strange space both claustrophobic and expansive, leaving most of their so called "prog" counterparts seeming to wander inertly with a lack of emotion. Guapo will absolutely bring a desired level of depth and complex harmonics to Beyond the Pale." -Steve Von Till

"Akimbo was one of those bands that we had missed over the years, but as time went on their legend grew. When the time finally came that we could experience the power of these guys, all was right. When you see Akimbo you see a band that has been hardened from the road, a band that has been focused on the sound and the sound alone, and a culmination of experience thrown at you on a lightning bolt." -Scott Kelly

U.S. Christmas
"In all my days I have never had a band find me in the way that U.S. Christmas did. From deep in the mail pile of 2 months of submissions to, I picked up this demo and put it on my stereo. Instantly the subtle dissonance and space began to crawl around me as "Lazurus" began, USX is like no other. I was instantly intrigued, I had to know more about this mysterious band. From deep in the Appalachians in North Carolina comes the sound of three guitars, two Theremins, and a rhythm section straight from the center of the earth. U.S Christmas will be the true revelation of Beyond the Pale at Roadburn '09." -Scott Kelly

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Neurosis Announces First Bands Invited To Beyond The Pale At The Roadburn Festival 2009