New Music Thursdays - Women "Black Rice"

Kind of like a mix between Atlas Sound and Gris Gris, Women is a band that's been getting a lot of play at the Tripwire lately.

Calgary Alberta's Women will release their self-titled debut next Tuesday, October 7th via Jagjaguar everywhere except in Canada where they are on Flemish Eye. Recorded by Sub Pop and Flemish Eye artist Chad VanGaalen over 4 months on ghettoblasters and old tape machines in his basement, an outdoor culvert and a crawlspace, Women's debut slides under the lazy category of psychedelia. Or as one writer friend more eloquently put it, "Women is a soothing blend of rock traditions and current trends. Sometimes light and spacious, at other times eerie and dense with an ominous weight, it will make a home in your baked out brain for the deceivingly brief 30 minutes."

The track "Black Dice" being one of more "traditional" songs, which maybe explains why it is one of the two singles made available.

MP3 Download - "Black Rice"



New Music Thursdays - Women "Black Rice"