Vampire Weekend In MLB Playoffs

I spent a relaxing evening indoors last night, finding quiet enjoyment watching the Dodgers extend the Chicago Cubs misery for at least one more game, when what to my wondrous ears should appear?

It was late in the game, maybe the start of the 6th or 7th inning. As the coverage on TBS was returning from a commercial break, they showed a montage of plays which had occurred earlier in the game. The video clips, as expected, were set to music - in this case, the familiar happy strums of Vampire Weekend's "A-Punk" provided the soundtrack. I know it's pretty common for popular bands - even indies - to be used in high-profile scenarios like this, but it still took me by surprise. Maybe it's because I figure sports should offer me some reprieve from thinking about work. Maybe it's because, for as big as Vampire Weekend has gotten, I assumed pro sports marketing was not in their future. Or maybe it's because I remember seeing them in small basement shows when something like this seemed about as possible as Sarah Palin debating for the office of Vice President.

Whatever the case, we're not sure if the song was licensed by Major League Baseball or TBS, but either way, its proof yet again (last year it was Rjd2 for the NFL), that music nerds and sports jocks can live harmoniously sharing their love for quirky yacht-pop. Somewhere, an oft-beaten geek is breathing a sigh of relief.

*Ed. note - we were unable to locate clips of the MLB or NFL spots mentioned, so here is the official video for "A-Punk".

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend In MLB Playoffs