Exclusive Download - Frances "The Brain"

Gigantic Music has become a veritable breeding ground for high profile-yet-eclectic releases. With a diverse line-up that can boast Aa (Big A, little a), Kevin Ayers, Dragons Of Zynth, The Rumble Strips and indie powerhouse The Walkmen among it's rank and file, it would seem that a "conventional" indie band like Frances could get lost in the shuffle.

Which would be a saddening oversight, as the NYC collective's debut full-length All The While is an understated pop delight. A collection of relatively stark breakup songs originally written by bandleader Paul Hogan while he worked toward his doctorate of music in New York City, Frances soon expanded into a living, breathing band who self-released an EP before being signed to Gigantic. The now co-ed sextet carries on the great tradition of pop music that plays with itself, flirting with chaos but always returning to a gloriously catchy, melodic center. No better exemplified than in the three-chord gem, "The Brain," a jaunty piano-led number in which an airy-voiced Hogan wears his "Glasgow-pop influence with pride."

MP3 Download - "The Brain"

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Exclusive Download - Frances "The Brain"