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New Music Thursdays - Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk "Eating With Horses"

Photo by Keith McArthur

In keeping with the psych theme, BBDDM is a Kansas City collective who create stunning, secretly conventional pop songs via some unconventional and noisy methods.

I'm being lazy today, so we've chosen a few more animal themed bands to sandwich together to give you a better idea of their sound. Think Deerhunter meets Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear. Despite these and other references the band has gotten (Sonic Youth and Radiohead to name a couple), the guys in Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk keep things pretty DIY - releasing tapes on various labels and handmade CDRs on their cooperative label Chomp Womp. Their latest effort, Eek Shriek Beak Eek Shriek Beak is one such CDR (the tape was put out by Best Kept Secret). Both beautiful and haunting, the single "Eating With Horses" is one of the more upbeat tracks on the disc, fuzz and all.

MP3 Download - "Eating With Horses"

Cover of Eek Shriek Beak Eek Shriek Beak
Baby Birds Don't Drink MilkBaby Birds Don't Drink Milk
Chomp Womp

New Music Thursdays - Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk "Eating With Horses"