New Music Thursdays - Fertile Crescent "Backwards Beach"

Members of Flying, Sara Magenheimer and Eben Portnoy began playing as Fertile Crescent in 2006. Think High Places mixed with dead whale carcasses.

We're not trying to gross you out, but the first line in the song "Backwards Beach" sets a a pretty graphic scene. Sara and Eben self-summarize Fertile Crescent as; "Duets in dada tone poem, crumbling dance-pop, and trance-blang call forth and aural world of two." But if you're familiar with any of the psych-pop pouring out of Brooklyn like a an overflowing bath tub these days, then you'll recognize the territory they inhabit. Actually, we were drawn to this single because it - like the previously mentioned High Places - focuses on the brighter side of life (sans the dead whale of course).

"Backwards Beach" will be on their first release, this self-titled 7", which will be available when they are on tour with Deerhoof (as Flying) as well as a month long Fertile Crescent tour immediately following where they will be playing "places that have recently been ravaged by disasters, both natural and economic."

Cover of Fertile Crescent 7"
Fertile Crescent


New Music Thursdays - Fertile Crescent "Backwards Beach"